Recent favorite mp3s rounded up by The Hype Machine (links are time-sensitive):

*1969 -- Montt Mardie
*The Private Life of a Cat -- The Lovekevins
*Blue Motorbike -- Moto Boy
*The Best Prescription Pill Available -- The Situation
one link for all four; scroll to download

*Pluto -- Clare and the Reasons
*Click, Click, Click, Click -- Bishop Allen
one link for these two; scroll to download

*Cowbell -- Tapes n' Tapes
scroll to download

If I didn't love the Hype Machine for the ease of finding great free music I might not have heard otherwise, I'd love it for the ease of discovering great song titles ("The Private Life of a Cat") and band names (The Lovekevins)--it's fun just to look.

Favorite two band names I've come across there:

That Summer, At Home, I Had Become The Invisible Boy
(which is a quote from...name that movie)


That's Him! That's The Guy!
(which is a quote from...name that TV show)


Rachel Loden said...

[That's Him! That's The Guy!]

That would be Monk.


Emily Lloyd said...

Shoot, Rachel, it probably is. I googled and can't tell for sure--the band's page doesn't even say. I had thought it was from an 80s episode from either Amazing Stories or Tales from the Crypt--one in which a woman is attacked (raped? probably too harsh for Amazing Stories) and is driving later with her husband?boyfriend? and sees the man who attacked her and says, stricken, "That's him! That's the guy!" The husband/boyfriend pulls over, hunts down the guy, and kills him. Gets back in the car and they drive on--and pass another man. The woman says, seeing this new man, "That's him! That's the guy!" And so on.

"That Summer, At Home, I Had Become the Invisible Boy" is from Stand By Me.