Cool cheap(ish) gifts!

--some neat stuff I've bookmarked over the past few months. Not a wishlist--though I'm pretty in love with that chupacabra--just finds I wanted to share. All $30 or under.

Nifty blackboard globe-- about $20 from Muji (overseas order)

Fabric maps--perfect for someone like me who'd rather stuff a map in her back pocket than even attempt to fold it up. $5.95 apiece from Rand McNally. Might also make funky bandanna, tourniquet, etc.

Guitar pick customized with any image--
$11 at the Guthrie Thomas Company

Rubik's cube with 6 images you choose (advertised for "family photos", but I bet they'd let you use 6 images of different Shakespeare sonnets, or the same word in different fonts, or...)--$30 at gifts.com

"Prove You're Not a Robot" Captcha T-Shirt, $22 at crush3r.com

Loch Ness Monster or Chupacabra Magnet--$6 at PearsonMaron at Etsy.


early hours of sky said...

HA! and I thought I had the perfect gifts.

Collin said...

I think I want all of those, esp. the chalk globe!

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