I'm interested in flipping through David Levy's 2007 Love + Sex With Robots at some point--and cracking up over graphic novel writer Warren Ellis's Three Laws of Robotics, of which this is the second:

Robots do not want to have sex with you. Are you listening, Japan? I don’t have a clever comparative simile for this, because frankly you bags of meat will fuck bicycles if they’re laying down and not putting up a fight. Just stop it. There is no robot on Earth that wants to see a bag of meat with a small prong on the end approaching it with a can of WD-40 and a hopeful smile. And don’t get me started on that terrifying hole that squeezes out more bags of meat.

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Collin said...

That is hilarious!

But what if it looked like Jude Law's love robot in that shitty Spielberg film AI?