Letting the hoe handle suck

Last weekend I found a copy of Jeffrey Kacirk's Informal English: Curious Words & Phrases of North America for 2 bucks. Here are some highlights:

booklegger -- 1. a person who deals in forbidden books 2. a book dealer who follows unfair practices

get the mitten -- to be rejected or discarded by one's sweetheart [you reach for the hand...and get the mitten]

gosling patch -- the period in which a boy's voice is changing. Also: in the goslings: in the period of changing voice

hat of woods -- a low growth of trees on the top of a small hill

leg drama -- a ballet

let the hoe handle suck -- to loaf and talk while one is supposed to be working

long sugar/long sweetness -- molasses

sposh -- a mixture of mud and snow or water

strawberry friend -- a moocher ("Many city people visit their backwoods cousins only when strawberries are ripe to get enough free berries for a year's supply of jam. Ozarks")

tetnit -- a child born of elderly parents

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Rick Mason said...

The word "booklegger" always reminds me of A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter Miller... a great and honorable, yet dangerous profession!