My Little Zombie Pony

Oh, yes. Oh, yes, yes, yes:

Zombie Ponies by Flickr user dbx1 (via BoingBoing). We have ponies that could use a good makeover.


Collin Kelley said...


GoldenStiletto said...

Sickʻning! I want to share the ponies on my drag blog! http://goldenstilettodrag.blogspot.com I want to follow your blog because you are brilliant and cross link it to mine, too, but I donʻt see that possibility on your blog. Huccum?

GoldenStiletto said...

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you should take a look at the Divine doll I found on Flickr. THOSE are Divineʻs steeds no doubt.

LKD said...

That is seriously a thing of beauty.

I want one.