Enjoying today's #sadchildrensbooks tweets on Twitter

Some favorites:

@norakl If You Give a Mouse a Cookie You Can Track His Web Usage and Invade His Privacy

@delilahsdawson How Do Dinosaurs Eat Your Legs?

@robertbtaylor Schrodinger's Cat in the Hat

@michaelbain Little House on the West Bank

@Sascha_Zuger Just So So Stories

@meandmybigmouth The Secret Garden Centre

@HouseofJules One Fish, Two Fish, Dead Fish, New Fish

@MattHoltzclaw Slap The Bunny

@mollage Tales of a College-Educated Nothing

@petersagal Bread and Water for Frances

@thatsmynewband Where's Waldo? I Have to Tell Him His Parents Died

and (I can't find the attribution) Everybody Poops...Except You