Art Swap at the MIA

Just got back from my first Art Swap, and I'll definitely go to the next one. I love the idea: bring a piece of art, trade it in for a golden ticket, then browse the tables of art and choose a piece to take home.

I didn't get there until 1:30, and the swap ended at 2, but it looked like many folks had made a full morning/afternoon of it--you can return the art you chose for another golden ticket, then choose a different piece, and repeat the process as often as you like as new art arrives. There was a string band playing, some beverages for sale, and a generally festive atmosphere.

I didn't have my camera, and neglected to take a picture of the art I swapped in--a framed art photo we bought several years back at a silent auction fundraiser and never found a great spot for--but below is the piece I brought home for our green-walled living room. I like it, and am considering whether I want to keep it as is or alter it in some way (especially after seeing lots of great mixed media ideas at the Powderhorn Art Fair this morning):