Hennessy Youngman's "ART THOUGHTZ"

This Metafilter post on Hennessy Youngman's "ART THOUGHTZ" has been sitting, starred to watch later, in my Google Reader account since May. Glad I clicked through. "ART THOUGHTZ" has cracked me the hell up all morning.

On Post-Structuralism:

ART THOUGHTZ: Post-Structuralism from Hennessy Youngman on Vimeo.

On Bruce Nauman:

ART THOUGHTZ: Bruce Nauman from Hennessy Youngman on Vimeo.

On the Female Gaze, with guest host Tamara Suber (slightly offensive, wholly pretty great, and very NSFW):

ART THOUGHTZ: The Female Gaze, with Special Guest Tamara Suber (NSFW) from Hennessy Youngman on Vimeo.

Hennessy Youngman on Vimeo
Hennessy Youngman on YouTube
Hennessy Youngman on Tumblr

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