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Thanks to A.D. Thomas for a link to the Greeking Machine. I asked for three paragraphs in "marketing language" and got:

"Can't a well comes, easily accomodations deeply, easily tropical this. Compact mega, simulated pleasure provocative all. Action duty pleasing look discount kids advantage be, kids on, enjoy, affordable. Fun have, secure proven it's millions whenever spectacular hello delivers by in why. Surrender how clinically energy cause economical, humongous choice if ultra yourself limited outside simulated.

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Simulated you appetizing touch what compact, touch, now $19.95 super, humongous, millions on all-over goodbye. Valuable comes worthwhile seasoned neat, screamin' genuine, finest. Our you, yours desire compact, way. Discover handling limited boast satisfying, expensive selfish. Is yet, much bonus creamy chocolatey recommended, jiffy choose spectacular, compact. Newer generous original thank-you thirsty parents soaking elegant. Bigger better warm sensible stimulates market millions moist fast, fast, senses powerful announcing oily."

I absolutely love this. free hurry hot...much bonus creamy chocolatey recommended...and the perfect Can't a well comes, easily accomodations deeply, easily tropical this. And the way the commas propel the prose. If this were advertising, I'd buy the product; if it was a poem, it would be my favorite in the whole journal. How interesting (but obvious, I guess) that "kids" is considered a marketing word.

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Peter said...

Emily: this is a hoot. I want one on Airplane/Airport talk.