email from my brother this a.m.:

Below is the flight and hotel info for our upcoming Aruba trip. Bask in its glory and feel the unrequited Carribean bliss. Wallow in your domestic, provincial surroundings as we recline on white sands and clear water for as far as the eye can see. Attempt--and fail--to vicariously experience the unrelenting rest and relaxation that will commence all too soon. Contain your seething jealousy and desire to be as we are and go where we go, refraining from physical violence or other destructive outlets. Instead wear masks of polite and tactful encouragement, feigning altruistic happiness while secretly longing to wring our oiled, tanned, & well-massaged necks.

My emailed response to my brother this a.m.:

Enjoy! And may you be unable to get the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" out of your head the entire time you're in Aruba, Jamaica, ooooooh I wanna take ya, especially during sexual relations, to Bermuda, Bahamas, or should I say, during those times that might have been exquisite for having, Come on pretty mama, sexual Key Largo relations, but will not be, Montego, because you will not Baby why don't we go, be able down to perform with all those Kokomo Beach Boys crooning as if into your very skull and soul.


blogger said...


Julie said...

I cannot stop laughing at this. Right before we fell asleep last night, I whispered, "Laine?" and she said, "Yeah?" and I said, "Know what song I have stuck in my head?" and she said, "no." And I started singing Kokomo at her. And having passed it on, I could finally rest. Laine, on the other hand, was not amused.

Anne said...

Every time I drive up to visit my mom, I have to drive through the middle of Kokomo. Which is NOT a nice little beach town, it's an AUTOMOTIVE MANUFACTURING CENTER in the MIDDLE OF FREAKIN' INDIANA. I still want to know what kind of crack the Beach Boys were on when they wrote that song.

Radish King said...

Wow, that's a serious earwurm. Well done.