Whatever ambivalence (at best) I have about celebrating the USA, I've got none about the ladies of low brass: watch Bones Apart tackle the Stars & Stripes Forever.

Incidentally: worse travesty I ever saw on stage was also on the 4th, at D.C.'s celebration on the mall: James Galway performed "76 Trombones" on piccolo.


Laine said...

Oh. My. Joy.
That was the most fun I've seen with trombones in just about forever. It almost makes me want to go upstairs, dig mine out of its hiding place and start practicing.

Emily Lloyd said...

Lainie, I didn't know you were an LBL! If you haven't seen it, you might also like this video of a trombone trio playing the Super Mario Brothers theme. The tempo's a bit slow, and they flub some notes--but the arrangement's pretty great.

retromel said...

Wow Laine - I had no idea - I'm a valve trombone girl myself...and have nothing but respect for the advanced skills required by the slide...and while I am a huge James Galway fan - I too was rather horrified at his choice (I'm praying he was forced by some delusional music director) of pieces.

Anonymous said...