Shelf Check

...there's been a bit more interest in Shelf Check, the library cartoon I started in April but didn't exactly keep up with (this blog had less library-type, more poet-type readers at the time). I'll be updating it more regularly from now on, and I've added a link to it in my sidebar. Today's cartoon: Jan's Dirty Secret.


Starrlett said...

Hi! I am enjoying your comic, after reading about it on both LiB and Tame the Web--but the RSS button isn't working to subscribe to it. Do you have a way to produce a feed for the comic for us aggregator-lovers?

Emily Lloyd said...

Hi--thanks--and I'll see if I can figure one out. I've never produced a feed before; I'm sure it's time to learn (anyone have advice?). ToonDoo still has a lot of technical difficulties to work out (I seem to need a new password every third time I sign on)--so that's probably what's going on with their RSS button. Thanks again for reading.

Emily Lloyd said...

Hi again, Starrlett--for a quick fix I've started a not-too-pretty Shelf Check blog in Blogger at shelfcheck.blogspot.com --

I'll post new cartoons there as well as to ToonDoo (which will also enable folks to comment w/o joining ToonDoo). This should work as a feed: http://shelfcheck.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Let me know if it doesn't. Thanks again.