Book House in Dinkytown

The June issue of Bookslut features an interview with Kristen Eide-Tollefson, owner of The Book House in Dinkytown--one of the best (maybe the best) used bookstores for poetry & poetics in Minneapolis. Whenever I bring books in for trade, she says "I love your books! I love your books!" It's also a great rainy-day date place (especially if you start a few doors down at Al's Breakfast).


Maggie May said...

one day i want to own a bookshop, and i will call it a bookshop instead of bookstore, and it will make no money but make me very happy

Emily Lloyd said...

Yep. I always thought I'd like to run a book store/shop that only stocked titles I could recommend wholeheartedly--kids, young adults, adults, every genre, but only the ones I could fairly talk up.