One Sentence

One Sentence describes itself as featuring "True stories, told in one sentence." At its base, it's like PostSecret without all that distracting imagery; at its best, it's a place to find well-crafted sentences, sentences that suggest more sentences, "the truest sentence you know." Here are some posts (all are anonymous) I liked enough to save in my Bloglines account:

I was copy editor of my yearbook and purposely spelled our class president's name wrong, just to make my depressed friend smile.

When I opened the door I noticed 2 things: one, someone had made cookies, and two, all the furniture was missing, in that order.

Every time I think of September 11th, I remember how he tried to convince me to lose my virginity "on a day I would never forget."

I met an anaesthesiologist last year who confessed after several drinks that she sometimes pops the pimples of her patients while they are asleep so that they will look better when they wake up.

I told my eight-year-old daughter she could choose lemonade, lemonade or lemonade and she asked "What was the second one again?"

When I finally downloaded the contents of my 3-year-old's birthday digital camera, I found pictures of another woman kissing my husband.

When they left me alone with your body, my fist came down so hard I heard your ribs crack.

If my writing career doesn't work out, I'll invent a cereal which is composed of only marshmallows.

On Wednesday I'm driving my husband to the airport to be deported.

As a child, I used to eat all my cereal in case I hurt the feelings of any pieces of left-behind cereal.

I still wish I had taken the F instead of the A on the online test I hurried to finish while I could hear my dog dying on the kitchen floor.


Maggie May said...

god that last one....

and the lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, 'what was the second one again' definitely makes me laugh

i found you through Sandra B. :) hi!

gary barwin said...

Amazing lines.

The headline to in our local Canadian newspaper today to an article about Obama: "He must reform health care in a country that loves lard."