One Sentence

I'm still reading and enjoying One Sentence (I mentioned it here about a year ago) which posts "True stories, told in one sentence" from a variety of anonymous contributors--PostSecret without the visuals, and probably with more focus on the construction of the sentence. Here are some sentences from the blog I've held on to since last posting about it:

I came across an old lady laying on the side of the road in the middle of the night and when I approached her she looked up and asked, "Did I win the race?"

My ex-wife would freeze up every time she told the story of coming home from church as a child and finding all the dolls she had left lined up in tiny chairs replaced by the dead squirrels that her father had killed that morning.

We told my older sister that if she had wanted to decorate the tree with us, then she should have gone to community college.

I became bitter about the whole thing when the story in the newspaper was more about how the family had lost their fruit stand and less about how the fruit stand crushed you to death.

As a child, my parents convinced me that when the ice cream truck played its song, it meant the ice cream was finished.

When I told my dad I'd misplaced my class ring, he told me his was lost 30 years ago when "a girl died in a car accident."

During a 6.2 earthquake that shook our building violently, my half-asleep husband sat up, looked at me in confusion and asked, "What are you doing?"

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