"Kiss From a Rose" at David & Anna's Wedding

Just as the reception after my brother's wedding was beginning to wind down, someone requested "Kiss From a Rose." What resulted was my & my family's favorite part of the day: Dave & Anna's friends surrounding them as they slow danced, in this kind of undulating anemone of warm wishes--a bodily serenade. The video's of very low quality (you can just barely spot the bride & groom dancing in the center--look for the dress), but I'm really grateful to 12-yr-old Bella for being the only one in the room to realize that the moment needed recording, even if all she had was a low-end digital camera (view below or click to watch):

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Kellie said...

Congrats to your brother!! I still can't believe he isn't 3 years old and spilling grape juice on the couch anymore.