Letters with Character

As part of the promotion for What He's Poised to Do, Ben Greenman's forthcoming book of stories inspired by letters, Harper Perennial invites folks to submit a letter written to a fictional character.

HP is posting selected letters at a Letters With Character: the blog. My favorites so far are

the letter to Lowly Worm of Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go;

the letter to Malone of Samuel Beckett's Malone Dies;

the letter to Charlie of Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower;

and the letter to Olympia of Katherine Dunn's Geek Love.


MEM said...

I almost drove off the road the first time I heard that lyric. Mostly out of shame for even knowing what Tae-Bo was.

I've always had a soft spot (in terms of lyrical worstness) for the Paula Cole lyric "I will wash the dishes / while you go have a beer" from the wholly execrable Where Have All The Cowboys Gone.

But, yeah...I think Train wins.

Emily Lloyd said...


For me it's really the "checks out" that takes it over the edge. Like, "Hey, during my Tae-Bo workout, I think I'll check out the tunes of Mozart."

I have to admit, though, that if it'd been "Schoenberg" or "Stockhausen," I might've been giddy and thought that Train was awesome.