Delicious link dump

Online bookmarking site Delicious is shutting down. There are ways to export your bookmarks from Delicious, and several comparable bookmarking services. I wasn't that heavy a user, so I'm just posting here those sites I still want to be able to find again, many of which were optimistically tagged "to blog."


Misnopalesart's Flickr stream (calaveras Gocco art)
Sheaff: Ephemera (Victorian trading cards images, etc)
Historical Anatomies on the Web
A Journey Round My Skull: Mummy Was a Robot, Daddy Was a Small Non-Stick Kitchen Utensil
AJRMS: The Swamp Ladies of Estonia
AJRMS: Mimpish Squinnies
AJRMS: In the Grotto
AJRMS: Frolicsome Flowers of Evil
Book Power Poster
Andy Smith Illustration
Vintagraph: Vintage Posters (WPA, 1950s design, etc)
Patterns for Colouring
Plan 59: The Museum of Mid-Century Illustration
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive
Christopher Silas Neal: Art
William Hundley's "Entoptic Phenomena" (jumping sheet series)
Animation Backgrounds
Around Minneapolis--Flickr Sets by "e."

Bob the Builder as Aphrodite by Suzanne Ozolins

Tom Giesler's My Anatomy
Brent Stirton, Photojournalist (Gorilla Killings project)
Theme Park Brochures
Bnice2mice's Flickr set of crocheted objects
Clark Little's photography--waves
Earth Album (Flickr/Google Maps mashup)
Vintage Ad Browser (browse ads by decade)
Ad Access (ads 1910-1960)

Books and Libraries

20 Best Websites to Download Free eBooks
Top 25 Free Ebook Sites
Nina Simon's The Participatory Museum (book to read online)
ReadMe: wiki of book recommendations from MetaFilter
The Books of the Century: Titles of US Bestsellers by Decade
Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians
ALA Professional Tips Wiki
IMLS: 21st Century Skills
Book Two: Five Things
Getting Deeply Local at our Libraries (Kathryn Greenhill)
Public Engagement, Public Empowerment (Kathyrn Greenhill)
We Are All Making New Media: What Libraries Need to Know (Kathryn Greenhill)
"Because of Libraries We Can Say These Things" (poem by Naomi Shihab Nye)
Educause's 7 Things You Should Know series
Introducing the Post-Library Commons World (Brian Mathews)

Public Domain/Free Use Resources/Image Generators

Free Photos Index
Open Clip Art Library
Public Domain Pictures (free stock photos)
Flickr: All Free Stuff pool
Photos 8: free stock photos
FedFlix: government-produced films in the public domain
RedKid: Image Generators (marquee, magic 8 ball, punk rock jacket, fortune cookie)
Generators: Cassette, Custom Receipt Maker, Custom Eye Chart, Lolcat
13 Fantastic and Fun Image Generators (Mashable. Includes Xbox achievements, etc)
The Rasterbator

Fun/Games/Things to Make

95 Old School Games You Can Play Online
Screamin' Beans
Homemade Percussion and Junk Music
Linguistics Puzzles
Imaginary Foundation: You Can Make a Difference Flier


Gay History: Online Documentaries (MetaFilter)
SnagFilms: Watch Free Documentaries Online
Universal Subtitles -- captioning tool for YouTube videos
12 Fun Hacks for Getting More out of YouTube (Mashable)
YouTube Time Machine
Expert's Guide to YouTube
Viral Video Chart
TubeChop: Chop YouTube Videos
Soundation: Mix Music on the Web
Rap Genius
Dewey Music
Harry Partch's Instruments

Reference (including computers) and Language

Nolo's Law Dictionary Online
This to That: Glue Anything to Anything
If It Were My Home (country comparisons)
Food Timeline
Perry-Castaneda Map Collection
List of Company Name Etymologies
How Products Are Made
Global Health Facts
Constitution Finder
Omniglot: Writing Systems and Languages of the World (inc. idioms)
FSI Language Courses
American English Dialect Recordings
Online Conversion: "Convert just about anything to just about anything else" (inc. "fun" conversions--your weight on other planets, morse code, etc)
145 Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Tools/Apps
Speech Accent Archive (international)
Burn a DVD-Video Disc
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Google's SEO Starter Guide
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse ("Empowering Consumers. Protecting Privacy")
Printable Paper: print graph paper, lined paper, etc
Government Comics Collection
Photoshop Tutorials (Mashable)

Poetry and Journals

[Responses ar as valuable as intellectual responses.] by Nada Gordon
Appeal by Lorna Dee Cervantes
La Petite Zine
U B U W E B: Sound Poetry and Musical Experiments
Jacket Magazine