No video here, just a still picture placeholding so you can listen to the song: Robyn Hitchcock beautifully covering Roxy Music's "More Than This":


A Journey Round My Skull

My favorite new blog find of 2009 was Will's A Journey Round My Skull. It features dazzling book illustrations from around the world, with a focus on forgotten illustrators and children's books. Every post is a visual feast. A great blog for fans of graphic design, poster art, etc. Almost every day I find an image I want to live with. Some examples...

From post The Swamp Ladies of Estonia, an illustration from Jüri Arrak's Panga-Rehe Jutud:

From post The Raven, an illustration from Lorenzo Mattotti and Lou Reed's The Raven:

From post Frolicsome Flowers of Evil, an illustration from Frolicsome Flowers-They See the Wonderful "Rajah Rug" by T. Benjamin Faucett (I'd like to use this on a party invitation):

From post Iranian Kids' Books, Part 2, an illustration from Farshid Mesghali's The Blue-Eyed Boy:

From post Rokuro Taniuchi 5:

...and on and on. I haven't even begun to dig into Will's (I don't know his last name) blogroll, but it looks amazing, too.