Cities as Software/Libraries as Software

Two posts that have excited me this morning:

Cities as Software, Marcus Westbury

"[Y]ou need to start by rewriting – or hacking – the software to change not what the city is but how it behaves."

Libraries as Software: Dematerialising Platforms & Returning to First Principles
Hugh Rundle [bold his]

"Libraries are a technology for free, large scale inter-generational transfer of knowledge and culture. ... Instead of processing, moving, accessioning and purchasing physical or digital items, librarians are better used to organise and share information and stories. Libraries run like this become creation engines.  They become more about creating and sharing a community’s ideas than providing access to the ideas of others...If we combine the ideas of Westbury with Steven Johnson’s ideas about platforms we can envisage the library as a platform for enabling innovation, learning and cultural development to occur in our communities without the need for capital.  Isn’t that a lot more compelling than a place for lending books to people?"