Well, this is effing cool: upload a pic into Textorizer, and it replaces the strongest lines with lines of text you provide. To try it out, I fed it this picture, from when I was maid of honor in my sister's wedding:

and entered "maid of honor" as the text to repeat.

Result? This.

What fun: turn that snapshot of the relatives at Thanksgiving into the lyrics of "Head Like a Hole"--or graphics of different types of cells into poems/entries from Hejinian's The Cell--or--or--

(one problem: I can't figure out how to save the image, so I could post it here rather than linking--anyone?)


*cool idea: Tokyo's Eldercondos--keep mentally fit while aging by living in a kind of plastic hell. (I'd probably actually love living in one of these.)

*favorite recent Onion stories: "Touring Raffi Refuses To Play 'Shake My Sillies Out'," "Nation's Gays Demand Right To Library Cards"

*excitedly reading: The Long Tail by Chris Anderson and Smokes by Susan Wheeler

*and listening: Arctic Monkeys

*and can't wait to read: China Mieville's new novel--his first written for YAs!

*What's the most extreme sacrifice you made for love this Valentine's Day? I watched The Lake House.


The Secondary Sins, from Jessica Hagy, via BoingBoing

(I'm especially fond of the insight that quickies are sloth-based)