Halloween, Oberlin, 1992

Joys of Facebook: if for some reason you have lost a photo of yourself in the early 90s, someone else is sure to have and post it. I'm on the floor in the black hat, going as Roxy, Catherine Tremell's murderous lesbian lover in Basic Instinct.


Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome. And cool if you really did not have a copy of the photo!

One of my dear cousins recently posted some older pics of me as well. Ahhh, Facebook!

Emily Lloyd said...

I went through this weird phase in my early 20s when I decided that memories were more important than photos--that if I truly remembered something, I shouldn't "need" a photo of it. Chucked all my photos--that's why my "Spotlight on..." in the staff room was so low on images. Stupid phase.

I was psyched to see this photo posted (though I must admit that in my memory I looked much cuter). But I like it also for where I can pin it in my history: I'd come out to my parents about two weeks earlier, and would start dating my first girlfriend (who, all grown up now, just had a baby, photos of whom I also got to see on Facebook this week) within a week.

Charles said...

That is a great Roxy costume.

Photos of my in my most awkward youth are all over Facebook. It makes me want to die a little.